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a visit by swedish international CENTRE for local democracy from sweden.

We were honoured to have received a team from Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy in Sweden, which was well received by Chief Officer of Co-operative Stephen Kilonzo, Chairman Patrick Katingima and Operations Manager Josephat Ngengya at Lower Eastern Coffee Mills.The team was taken through the milling process .They also took time to visit the Coffee House to promote local consumption of coffee.

A delegation well received at MCU / LECOM

The Weeffect Resource Mobilization Team

Today was an honor for MCU to receive a delegation from Weeffect’s resource mobilization team which was well received by our CEO Mr. Martin malila and the General Manager – Finance Mr. James Ndeto,   at the union boardroom. The team also took time to visit our coffee mill LECOM and were received by the operations manager Mr. Josephat Ngengya, who took them through the milling, grading and classification process at the mill

Social Partnership – Food donation

Food donation for a needy course

With the support from one of our Singaporean customer, Bahati Collection, mcu provided foodstuff donation to Kithoni Women group. Kithoni is one of mcu’s major basket producers and was involved in the production of baskets for Bahati collection’s order. The area of the groups operation is climatically marginalised receiving very little and some times no rainfall hence greatly affected by severe drought and famine for the last two years.

The donation, thanks to Bahati collection, has come in at the right time and has given the women weavers a radiance of hope as they embark on their sisal basket production.  An order for the sisal baskets from this group will come in hardy at this time of need. Donations and other kind support from the other buyers and well wishers will go a long way to alleviate the pangs of the severe famine and drought that is affecting these great women producers.



Social Partnership- Water for Kisesini Community

A big day! Yes it was!! 19th Sep.2019

It was a great day for the Kisesini community and the local institutions. Commissioning a 160 meter borehole funded by Ronnie Letten through Epiroc and implemented in collaboration with We Effect and their partner Machakos Cooperative union. The ocassion was graced by His Excellency the Machakos County Deputy Governor. This will greatly reduce the time spent in fetching water and water related illnesses that are prevalent in the area as alluded to by the incharge of the local dispensary. The community members came in droves with their donkeys to draw this precious commodity.


The ASK Show- The Union Wins

Machakos Co-operative union which featured in the just concluded Agricultural Show the south eastern Branch scooped several awards of excellence after being the best overall stand in this years presentation.

The union scooped best overall first prize in three different categories and second best in two more categories.

His Excellency the Governor for Machakos Dr. Alfred Mutua presenting show trophies to the Board members of MCU

Trophies for the union in the just concluded ASK show Southeastern Region









staff celebrating this years show achievements and recognition



The show landscape

Bee keeping picks up in our societies

Bee keeping is picking pace in the unions societies with the introduction of more than 500 bee hives in both coffee societies and women groups.

A total of more than 500 kgs of honey is expected to be harvested at the close of this year. The bee keeping project is in line with the unions initiative to ensure food security and as well as product diversification within its societies.

With support by development partners such as We effect, the union has sourced the bee hives for the societies and has continued to offer training support to the farmer on bee keeping, harvesting and local processing of the honey.

Plans are underway to revive the honey processing plant at the union.

Kitwii fcs – bee keeping – Climate change Academy

mcu/societies Poultry project

Mcu in partnership with development partners have introduced improved chicken / poultry projects in all the coffee co-operative societies under the union. This is one of the projects aimed at product diversification and a food security initiative to the society members.

Farmers collect improved chicks from the society where through the projects, incubators have been placed at the societies and improved eggs are being hatched.  The farmers collect the chicks at a very reasonable price. This chicks are fast growing, disease resistant and weigh more than the local breeds.

                                             Kilalani poultry project

You can visit Mwateti, Kilalani, musilili fcs for samples.