Machakos Co-operative union has acquired a coffee roaster thanks to partnership with Fairtrade Africa and Weeffect.  This is in line with the Unions strategic plan and is geared to value addition. It is envisaged that the new plant will roaster coffee under the Lower Eastern Coffee mill( LECOM) both for local consumption and international markets.

The Lecom branded coffee which also sales under the FairTrade Label will soon be in the local outlets, supermarkets and the international market.

The union will also be establishing coffee houses within the town and a possible expansion to the major cities.

Structural developments are underway and the machine, at high seas, will be installed during the month of match 2019 and operations expected to start by April 2019

The ASK Show- The Union Wins

Machakos Co-operative union which featured in the just concluded Agricultural Show the south eastern Branch scooped several awards of excellence after being the best overall stand in this years presentation.

The union scooped best overall first prize in three different categories and second best in two more categories.

His Excellency the Governor for Machakos Dr. Alfred Mutua presenting show trophies to the Board members of MCU
Trophies for the union in the just concluded ASK show Southeastern Region









staff celebrating this years show achievements and recognition



The show landscape

Bee keeping picks up in our societies

Bee keeping is picking pace in the unions societies with the introduction of more than 500 bee hives in both coffee societies and women groups.

A total of more than 500 kgs of honey is expected to be harvested at the close of this year. The bee keeping project is in line with the unions initiative to ensure food security and as well as product diversification within its societies.

With support by development partners such as We effect, the union has sourced the bee hives for the societies and has continued to offer training support to the farmer on bee keeping, harvesting and local processing of the honey.

Plans are underway to revive the honey processing plant at the union.

Kitwii fcs – bee keeping – Climate change Academy

mcu/societies Poultry project

Mcu in partnership with development partners have introduced improved chicken / poultry projects in all the coffee co-operative societies under the union. This is one of the projects aimed at product diversification and a food security initiative to the society members.

Farmers collect improved chicks from the society where through the projects, incubators have been placed at the societies and improved eggs are being hatched.  The farmers collect the chicks at a very reasonable price. This chicks are fast growing, disease resistant and weigh more than the local breeds.

                                             Kilalani poultry project

You can visit Mwateti, Kilalani, musilili fcs for samples.

Energy saving stoves for women groups

Energy Saving Jikos for MCU Women groups – Kikuthuko wg

-Mcu in partnership with our development partners in both the Climate change project, CPME project and PECE project have aided construction of more than 500 Energy saving stoves/ jikos in various homes for the women groups. This is in line with the unions strategy to conserve the environment as a climate change adaptation.

We call on more partners to join us in this worthy course.

MCU Coffee Farms

MCU Coffee Farms set to become demonstration farms in the county

Revamped efforts by the senior management staff of the union have seen drastic transformation of the coffee farms and yields are expected to double both in quantity and quality.

The vision of the union is to establish the farms as demonstration farms for the coffee farmers within the county.

Machakos District Co-operative Union Limited was established in 1964 and registered under the Co-operative Societies Act in 1972 as an umbrella organization for primary organizations in Machakos District. MCU represents 81 affiliate co-operative societies with more than a total of 70,000 individual producers. Besides these co-ops are 26 women groups with a membership of more than 4000 women producers who are mainly in the production of hand crafted products like sisal baskets( Syondo), mats and other sisal products.