Social Partnership – Food donation

Food donation for a needy course

With the support from one of our Singaporean customer, Bahati Collection, mcu provided foodstuff donation to Kithoni Women group. Kithoni is one of mcu’s major basket producers and was involved in the production of baskets for Bahati collection’s order. The area of the groups operation is climatically marginalised receiving very little and some times no rainfall hence greatly affected by severe drought and famine for the last two years.

The donation, thanks to Bahati collection, has come in at the right time and has given the women weavers a radiance of hope as they embark on their sisal basket production.  An order for the sisal baskets from this group will come in hardy at this time of need. Donations and other kind support from the other buyers and well wishers will go a long way to alleviate the pangs of the severe famine and drought that is affecting these great women producers.



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